Pool Rentals

 Clubhouse and Pavilion Rentals

If you would like to rent out the clubhouse or pavilion for parties this summer, please download the PRA Rental Agreement. The rental agreement and the check should be turned into the pool manager before your party will be placed on the calendar. Please check with the master calendar in the Guard Shack for scheduling.

The base fee to rent the Pavilion for 2 hours is $100.00 and $50.00 to rent the Clubhouse. This covers 2 hours of exclusive use of the outdoor shade structure OR clubhouse as well as guards for 20 guests for either the Clubhouse or Pavilion (members or non-members). Guests are still required to pay with rental.

Guest fees are $3.00 per non-member and must be paid by the host at the end of the party. All non-member guests should be signed in by the guard on duty as they enter. 

If more than 20 people will be swimming, an additional guard must be hired. This will be at a rate of $10 an hour per guard. The guards are hired before the party based on the number that the host member states will be attending; therefore this must be paid in advance.

If you have any questions, please contact programs@piedmontpool.com.