Piedmont will open for the Summer on May 22, 2020!  In light of the current COVID-19 Pandemic, the Board has elected to implement the following recommended guidelines in order to provide the safest possible environment for all Members. Please keep in mind, the Board reserves the right to amend the Guidelines from time to time in order to ensure PRA remains safe and in compliance with any and all applicable state and local guidance. Our goal is to keep the pool safe and open, we are relying on PRA Members to implement the Guidelines to ensure we are able to do so. We ask that members please follow all recommendations so the facility can remain open. We appreciate your support and understanding during this time. We must all do our part and remember we are in this together. 

Members if you have not paid your dues for the summer please do so by May 22, 2020. If you are unsure or have questions or concerns regarding the payment of your dues contact LuAnn Crowley at (562) 355-2223

Recommended Guidelines

  • Members Only: No Guests will be allowed, in town or out of town, unless they are a designated Guardian (babysitter) of a child by a Member. 

  • We will not be implementing reservations and time blocks to attend the pool at this time, if overcrowding becomes an issue reservations may be required. 

  • A signed waiver must be on file for all Members and family members acknowledging the risk of attending the pool during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

  • A signed waiver must be on file for any designated Guardian by a Member acknowledging the risk of attending the pool during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

  • A signed waiver must be on file for children between the ages of 14 and 18 without a parent or guardian to be left at the pool.

  • No child under 14 years old to be at the pool without a parent or guardian.

  • Members should practice social distancing while in the pool and on the grounds.

  • Piedmont will form a Swim and Dive team this year, the costs will remain the same as previous years. PRA recommends participants practice social distancing while in the pool and on the grounds during swim and dive team. No organized swim lessons will be offered at this time.

  • Members will use one gate (main) to enter and to exit the pool grounds.

  • The playground and other facilities will be remain open.  Please utilize your best judgement when allowing your children to play on these high contact surfaces. Members should consider bringing sanitizer for the surfaces and/or your children’s hands if you allow them to use PRA’s equipment.

  • Lost and found will be discarded on a weekly basis. MONDAY NIGHT AT POOL CLOSE ALL LOST AND FOUND WILL BE DISCARDED. 

  • Pool toys are welcome, but please limit the number of toys you bring and restrict the use of the toys to those in your household.

  • Pool floats will be allowed: You are responsible for your float, please restrict use to those in your household.  

  • Members must stop and have a guard sign you in and out using google forms. This allows us the ability to track Member attendance and contact you if someone were to become infected. 

  • Members will use hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes at check in before entering the pool and grounds.

  • Chairs and tables will be provided around the pool deck. The chairs and tables have been placed 6 feet apart in sets of 2. The pool deck is set to encourage proper social distancing amongst Members.  There will be designated space on the lawn and basketball court for those that wish to bring their own chair.

  • Members should sanitize the chairs and tables, before and after use.

  • Members must provide their own food and drinks. No concession will be sold or provided at this time, including drinking water. The water fountain will not be in use. 

  • Members must monitor and encourage their own children to practice social distancing.

  • Members, if you have had a fever or been sick, please stay at home and do not attend the pool until symptom free.

  • Members must notify the pool board if you are to come in contact with or contract COVID-19.

Contact: Paul Killian, president@piedmontpool.com.  Call or text 256-503-2519. 

  • Senior Citizen and high risk Members are welcome during normal operational hours; however, the Pool will have special hours reserved for these members.

Tuesday Nights: 7 – 9 pm, Wednesdays 2 – 4 pm, Thursday Morning 8 – 11 am

  • Pool handrails will be sanitized every break, including diving board rails.

  • Tennis courts, basketball, and volleyball court will remain open. Members must provide their own equipment and monitor their own children

  • Bathrooms will be one in one out. (Guard must be notified before use). Parents may help their children with bathroom needs, Showers will be closed, please wash your hands after use!

  • The staff will be doing enhanced cleaning protocols throughout the day.

  • Please try not to congregate in groups.  Maintain appropriate social distancing. 

  • Make sure to wash/sanitize hands regularly. Hand sanitizer stations will be available